The Healing Room

 SUNDAY 16 SEPTEMBER   11:30 am eastern (Ohio time)   
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 SUNDAY 30 SEPTEMBER   11:30 am eastern (Ohio time)   
                  JOIN:CLICK HERE

A warm welcome awaits you to our remote healing space!  Join us from anywhere across the globe - from a coffee shop or the comfort of your home. 
Our Team of seasoned experts offer excellence in all things psychic, alternative healing and life's purpose.

You can join the group for one time or multiple times, there is no long term obliagtion.

Whether you need a little boost or you are broken & shattered body, mind and spirit, we are here for you - operating as a conduit between yourself and heaven.
We would be honored to connect with you and share/lessen your burden, whatever it may be.

business questions ~ astrological readings ~ intuitive readings ~ more

Ask questions or experience first hand for yourself the power of distance healing from  those who walk in Light and work only with the purest source.
(Stay for the hour or come and go as you need).

It's your turn to experience greatness and we're waiting for YOU!

(One on one consultations, extended learning and healing sessions are available at the going rate outside the group time contactVasu for more information or to schedule an appointment.)

We have our own series of step by step attunements for weight loss and other topics avaialable through Reiki Awakening Academy click here to view!

Or if you pefer short video recordings on a number of topic.  Just $5 each (PayPal.Me/AmidAngels - be sure to put topic wanted in space for notes) 
  Show Me Weight Loss using Hand Yoga                                       
  Show Me Runes/Show Me Oracle Cards (2 piece set)
  Show Me Healing - The Green Room plus Head to Toe Healing (2 piece set)  
  Show Me Guided Meditations for Light Workers
  Show Me Meeting My Master Guide
  Show Me Creating Sacred Space
  Show Me Meditation
  Show  Me Runes/Show Me Oracle Cards (2 piece set)
  Show Me Getting Paid (business startups)
    Show Me Chakras